Jul 242011

Why  palliative care?

Clinical evidence shows us doctors, what we have done badly and what we have done well in our clinical practice, and thanks to that we are able to establish the systems to follow with our patients. That group of patients who have a terminal illness that ends in painful death,  and their families who suffer in so many different ways, have been cared for by well intentioned people and doctors who, in silence, have dedicated themselves to relieve the suffering and have done their best to improve the quality of life of these patients. For years this care has been the responsibility of professional health teams supported by charities.

Who would question that we can all do palliative care? A great friend, believer in palliative care, showed me that everyone is capable of offering palliative care. It all depends on awareness and commitment.

Dra. Sara Martinez Membrilla

  Asociación Girasol