Nov 212011

“Planificación Anticipada” (Forward Planning) means the right the patient has to express his own wishes about how he confronts the last moments of his life and to take decisions about himself and his assets.

“Planificación Anticipada” is a communicative, oral process which can be carried out in various ways by professionals. The patient decides how much involvement the professionals, family members or loved ones have.

These desires are written on the patient´s medical records, and one of the most important ways to register information regarding the patients health is to complete a Living Will or “Voluntad Vital Anticipada”

In Andalusía, the Living Will conforms to “The Living Will Declaration Law” (Ley de Declaracion de Voluntad Vital, Anticipada), and it is the channel by which a person can exercise his right to make decisions about health issues, which he may not be capable of doing in the future.

Dra. Sara Martínez Membrilla

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