Asociación Girasol  would like to inform you that during this quarantine period we are offering minimal services. We are getting in touch with all the people in our care who are not well and who are confined to the house, as well as with their carers. We will help in any way we can and deliver any health/sanitary products they need with all possible protection. By doing this we will also help in not overloading the public health system. We will not be making our usual visits for obvious reasons. The people we look after are especially vulnerable since they are persons with serious illnesses and often also with depressed immune systems. We are continuing to offer quality of life as far as we can even in these difficult times. We would like to thank the volunteers who are working on inventing ways to continue raising funds for the association, with projects which can be carried out from the security of their homes. Our best wishes go to all the families, members, friends and volunteers. Thank you.

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