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Our volunteers are the unsung heroes and backbone of Asociación Girasol. They play a vital role in the Asociación and without them we simply would not exist. In our catchment area, a population of  over 100,000 people, we can expect to have between 12 to18 people with advanced, incurable illnesses,  at any one time, and it is through our volunteers that we are able to help our patients at home: by running errands, driving them to hospital appointments, simply being there with them, listening, doing household chores etc., etc, relieving the patient/family/carer from the practical everyday things that have become a hardship in illness.

There are many ways in which you can help, no only in patients´ homes. If you enjoy doing paperwork, there are administrative tasks to do, and if you like organising events, you can use your skills to raise funds.

We can all offer something. All you need is time – no matter how much or how little -, goodwill, and interest.

If you want to help, and become part of a team and make a difference, please complete the form below, and we will contact you shortly.


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